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Pretty good

Not the best episode but still had some really funny parts. I think you should make the scenes a bit shorter cuz at some points the dialogue carried on for too long. Also if you could use the high pitched voice for less characters and work on some new voices i think that would help keep thing fresh. I still liked this episode and couldn't agree with you more on how gay that song is haha. It's ridiculously gay. Keep em coming!

Pliskin99 responds:

Thanks for the tips dude, glad you liked it.


I'm glad I found this series man. It's pretty fuckin funny, keep making these

Pliskin99 responds:

Haha thanks I will


For anyone who isn't familiar with Marc M, don't expect anything too serious haha. I love stuff like this. The way he executes the jokes is hilarious

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Really good

This is one of the best RPGs on the site. This, Sonny, and the Mardek RPGs are the best ones made from flash that I have played. This game is very professional looking, with the menus and the stylish cut scenes (though they can get a bit boring). The battle system is fantastic, but are the timed hits used in this one too? I couldn't really tell. The walking around is a bit sloppy and I did get lost in the center (a map would be nice) but besides those minor faults this is a very well made game and I can't even imagine how complex the coding for this is haha. Great work

ChamberACR responds:

In short: very complex. The code is somewhere in the tens of thousands of lines... which is one of the reasons I have a lot of grammatical errors. Just so many lines of code.

But hey - thanks for comparing my stuff with the NG greats. That means a lot to me =D

No timed hits in this one. Instead, they were converted into UPGRADE specs.

Good game man

It's amazing how many missions, and quest and stuff this game has.
I can see you put a lot of effort in it, and it's sad not many have played it. Im going to submit to a collection. Great work

Good Game

A pretty good, full RPG if you ask me. I really like how you can do the 3 hit combos when you attack and overall the battle system is very good. However, you might want to work on your art and overall presentation, then I'm positive you'd get a better score.You got the coding and gameplay down. Just work on your animation.

Benspyda responds:

Thanks, I will have to work on that.

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Good shit mayne, tough beat. The piano sounds great and the drums are nice and fat. Simple but good for rapping. Nice work

Sinitech responds:


Sick dude. I'm diggin the synth work here man, I like how you mixed all the sounds. The bass and breakdowns are on point too. Good work, sounds good

GrantBowtie responds:

Thanks man!

i'm diggin the vibe of the beat. The sounds you used are clean and placed properly. Good work dude

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This is really gross man.
But it looks great. I like it

Trying to change up the hip hop genre

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